Inkling's Master Plan

Inkling our great and powerful ruler has decreed that humans have very bad fashion sense and we must help them by providing them with new clothes.  For some reason she thinks imps should be... uh whats the word? uh... Nice thats it!  She says we need to be "nice" to humans.  And if we make them great shirts that they will love us and welcome us as their new rulers i mean friends

Inkling's Method

We imps really like your human Comic Books, Anime shows, and TV Shows & Movies (those are so funny)  Some of us even like your war contests I think you call them Sports.  Its great fun watching your people run around in colorful costumes and your war rules are so confusing we could watch for days.
Because we really like all these Human things we made you tons of new shirts to celebrate how weird you Humans are!